A club for sailors


An exceptional adventure such as the Transat Classique had to lead to something special, and so it did! A few days before the start of the warm-up leg in Douarnenez, in August 2008, some of the owners were chatting on a pontoon. They were looking forward to, and perhaps apprehending, setting out across the Bay of Biscay and then the Atlantic. But above all they realized they were enjoying each other’s company at the threshold of an exciting adventure on the sea. It was then they took the decision to set up the Atlantic Yacht Club.

On their return from Saint Bart’s they laid down the constitutional rules and the club’s guiding principles were defined thus: support the development of ocean sailing for classic yachts and communicate the spirit of the golden age of yachting to younger generations. Since then the Atlantic Yacht Club, with the help of Comet Organisation, has organized the Atlantic Trophée (Atlantic Trophy) which ran from Douarnenez and Horta to the Azores and back, and the Panerai Transat Classique 2012. In 2014 the club launched a new event called Les 150 milles de Saint-Marine (150 Nautical Miles from Sainte-Marine). This exciting new format starts with classic round-the-buoy events in the waters between the Odet River and the Glenan Archipelago before moving offshore with a race to Belle-Île and back.

Elitism is not the Atlantic Yacht Club’s goal. Instead the idea is to create a community of experienced, or budding, ocean sailors and promote the values of offshore sailing, such as solidarity, respect for the environment, fair play, seamanship and the Corinthian spirit.

With the Panerai Transat Classique 2015, the Atlantic Yacht Club and its partner Comet Organisation are once again giving yachtsmen the chance to live out their dreams and experience the excitement of crossing the Atlantic under racing conditions.