From January 27, the ranking of the cartography is on “real time”. The race commitee will give the final results on corrected time when the last boat will finish the race.

What is the corrected time ?

The race yachts are all very different. The mesurement of the hull, the sails… gives a coefficient, that is called the boat “rating”. The racing “real-time” is multiplied by the boat rating, which gives a “corrected time”. The first boat on the real time ranking (the closest to the arrival) may not be the first boat on corrected time.





In this new edition, the Atlantic Yacht Club, alongside with Comet Organization, have created a new route which will allows the expression of the exceptional marine qualities of the yachts engaged in the race and the strategic talent of the sailors. On January 8, the Island of Lanzarote, in the Canary Islands, will be witnessing the departure of the fleet of classic sailboats for an adventure of nearly 3000 miles (about 5 500 km) to reach a paradise, the Island of St. Kitts situated north of the West Indies.

In the early hours of the race, competitors will have to negociate the exit of the archipelago of the Canary Islands and will be faced with several options : to circumvent the islands by the North or South, or to try to cross through the middle, accepting risk but experiencing the effects of wind accelerations.
When the fleet reaches the trade winds, the crews will have to handle their boats, put up the spinnaker and avoid wind holes. Finally, when arriving in the Caribbean, the tacticians will have to negociate the approach of the island of Saint-Kitts.