Coch y Bondhu wins the Panerai Transat Classic 2019

In Christophe Harbour, in the heavenly setting of the “Pavilion”, Coch y Bondhu received, from the hands of Charles “Buddy” Darby, the founder of Christophe Harbour, the winner trophy of the Panerai Transat Classique 2019, a superb cup offered by Pascal Stefani, owner of White Dolphin, winner in 2012. Paolo Zangheri, Claudio, Ivano and Renato, excited and happy, received an ovation from all the crews gathered for this closing ceremony, with a special mention to the crew of Hilaria, whose outfits were made in a spinnaker torn during the race, and Lys, with his Savoyards happy, enthusiastic and warm. Stiren, the Stephens plan of Oren Nataf, skippered by Alex Pella, took second place on the podium followed by Glen Maël, another Stephens plan, owned by Jean-Philippe Gervais. A trio of choice, representative of the richness of classic sailing. Congratulations to them and to all the competitors,