Glen Maël, the “yachting” spirit

With Glen Maël, it is like a yachting history chapter being closed” explains Jean-Philippe Gervais, owner of this Stephens plan, one of the smallest boat of the fleet during the Panerai Transat Classique 2019. “Italian Max Boris had it built in Sangermani shipyard in Italy, to take part of the One Ton Cup in 1973. At the time, she was a war machine, but quickly she has had to face planning hulls, newly drawn by Dick Carter and Ron Holland.”

Jean-Philippe is no less proud of his nice sailboat and intends to enjoy this cross over the Atlantic – a dream born 10 years earlier – to bring forward a certain Art of Life: “Classic sailing is about being happy on the sea and living well onboard.” For that, because he works in the universe of wine, he will carry a nice bottle collection of Burgundy wine. “Each day, we will open a bottle and we will try compare it to another boat, depending on his caracter, in association with our sailing adventure.

By “us” he means the crew, comprised of two friends from Marseilles, excellent offshore sailors, and two young sailors, regulars of Pen Duick III and Pen Duick V.

Jean-Philippe has learned to sail in Brittany, on a “Requin”, with his grand-father and his father. Thereafter, in the sailing school “les Glénans” he became captain onboard of a sailing boat drawn by John Illingworth. For family sailing, he first bought a Muscadet and then he bought a “voile-aviron” (“sail-rowing”), drawn by François Vivier and began a voyage along Scottish and Galician coastlines. He finally bought an “Aphrodite 101”. In 2012, he started his search for a One Toner, keen on the beauty of the lines, and found Glen Maël. Ever since, he took part of many classic regattas and discovered the Balearics, Corsica, Sardinia.

He has been preparing the Panerai Transat Classique for two years, notably he changed the rigging and bought the best security equipment to face the ocean crossing in the best conditions.

Jean-Philippe remains discreet about his result ambitions and will bring his sextant onboard to live a full yachting adventure. Yet, he plans to use tactics and to closely monitor Bryell II and Stiren. A Corinthian spirit with a touch of competition.


Technical Information

Year : 1973

Shipyard : Sangermani

Architect : Sparkman & Stephens

Length : 11,23 m

Beam : 3,66 m

Rigging : Bermudian sloop