Transition phase

They waited for it, hoped for it, predicted it: the crews of Xarifa dared going further to the North, hoping to find more wind. The latest cartography indications prove them right, finally, with instant speed up to 10 knots, closer to the regular cruising speed of the boat. And the tendency should confirm in the next few days.

In the South, for Eilean, Bryell II, Coch y Bondhu, who has slowed down, and Lys, the choice should also benefit from the Tradewinds getting closer, meaning more stable winds, sailing downwind with long waves. For this group, speeds should accelerate too in the next few hours.

The situation is trickier for the group in the middle way, Stiren, Glen Maël, first on the ranking on corrected time, and Hilaria who suffered from two tares in the spinnaker. They are currently sailing in a transition area bringing opposite winds which should slow them down. This phase should not last long but might change the ranking and give Aramis an opportunity to come back on her competitors.

Nevertheless, the few email send to the race direction tell about the happiness of the crew and they pleasure of being on the sea. Probably the best rewards.