The islands perfum

After more than 2 weeks at sea, there is a growing feverishness within the crews of the Panerai Transat Classique 2019, a delicate mix between the pride in having achieved a major feat such as sailing across the Atlantic Ocean at race on a classic yacht, impatience to return to the loved ones and remember some forgotten flavours, and also the melancholy of finishing a unique maritime and human adventure.

Of course, this feeling might not be shared the same way by Aramis who has 1200 miles left to reach Christophe Harbour and by Xarifa who keeps extending her lead over the fleet and who is only 300 miles away from Christophe Harbour with an ETA due to be around 10:00 AM (Local Time) and 3 PM (UTC+1). Onboard of the big schooner sailors are highly motived to win the Line Honours and win positions in the ranking on corrected time. Moreover, this ranking is more and more tight as well as the final victory.

Stiren catches up minutes after minutes on Coch y Bondhu and Hilaria and Eilean fight an intense match race. All those yachts are sailing at more than 8 knots. Lys and Glen Maël do not intend to give up either and Bryell II, still disabled, remains combative and powerful. The islands flavours give wings to all competitors.


Christophe Harbour

St. Kitts and Nevis islands were discovered in 1493 by Christoph Colomb. Located in the North of the West Indies, they are part of the Windward Islands and have been under Spanish, French and English rules until they gained independence on September 19, 1983. The population is estimated at 53.000 inhabitants. The capital, Basseterre is located on St. Kitts, the biggest of the two islands. The economy is mainly based on tourism. The national anthem title “Oh Land of Beauty” is the ideal advertising slogan to promote its charms. To enjoy the Caribbean mildness, St. Kitts has an ideal geographic position, nearby Saint-Barth, Antigua and St. Maarten, not far away from Guadeloupe, Dominica and the Virgin Islands. Landscapes are a mix between white sandy beaches, blue waters bays and green volcanos.

To enhance this exceptional natural heritage, Charles “Buddy” Darby developed an ambitious project, Christophe Harbour, on the major part of the peninsula on the South of the island. In the heart of the high standing complex, including luxury villas, a Park Hyatt Hotel (the first in the Caribbean) and the Pavilion Beach Club, the marina holds a significant place. Built to receive superyachts up to 126 metres, the marina is about to welcome competitors of the Panerai Transat Classique 2019. In an area guarded 24 hours a day, crews will discover a professional and cheerful welcome, luxury shops and gourmet food.

On January 29, a welcome cocktail will be offered by Christophe Harbour to honour those sailors who left a few weeks ago to fulfil a crazy dream: to sail across the Atlantic at race on a classic yacht. What better reward than finish in Christophe Harbour on the enchantress island St. Kitts.


RANKING ON REAL TIME ON 24/01 at 12 :00 (UTC+1)

1- XARIFA                         336,1 nm to finish
2- STIREN                        94,1 nm to the leader
3- COCH Y BONDHU          162,8 nm to the leader
4- HILARIA                       168,6 nm to the leader
5- EILEAN                        190,8 nm to the leader
6- LYS                             262,8 nm to the leader
7- GLEN MAEL                  281,1 nm to the leader
8- BRYELL                       375,4 nm to the leader
9- ARAMIS                        889,5 nm to the leader




« Dernière ligne droite ! Ces derniers jours, nous avons été freinés par une bulle sans vent. Nous avons opté pour une stratégie consistant à contourner cette zone par le sud afin d’être ralentis le moins longtemps possible et retoucher du vent le plus rapidement. Dans la nuit du mercredi 23 au jeudi 24 janvier, nous avons effectué un empannage sous spi et pris la route directe vers l’arrivée. Le vent s’est fait attendre, mais finalement s’est levé ce matin, nous permettant de marcher à 5-6 nœuds. Nous naviguons au travers pour le moment, le spi a été affalé au profit du génois. Nous passerons sous la barre des 1000 milles probablement demain. Les températures augmentent, nous sentons l’arrivée approcher ! Bonne navigation à tous ! »