To the thunderous applause

In the sweetness of Caribbean nights and in the idyllic setting of the Pavilion at Christophe Harbour, the competitors of the Panerai Transat Classique 2019 gathered for the last time for the closing ceremony. At first, they warmly cheered the crew of Aramis, still at sea, who announced his intention to reroute to Guadeloupe. Even if this Taillefer 1964, famous series designed by Franz Maas, is officially considered out of the race, the performance of Christian Welter, Etienne, Jean-Michel and Thomas is no less remarkable. Despite technical problems that forced them to stop after the start, they left again, and their wake writes with tenaciously the word courage on the surface of the Atlantic. And, in the various messages received, the crew of “Pepe” always shows humour, but also elegance by sending their “warmest congratulations to all the competitors already arrived“.

During a dinner prepared by Chef Barnaby Jones and his brigade, Loïc Blanken, Director of the Panerai Transat Classique, accompanied by Charles “Buddy” Darby, founder of Christophe Harbour, thanked all those who made the success of this unique race. The competitors in the first place, but also all the teams of Marina Lanzarote, Christophe Harbour, the Race Committee, the Atlantic Yacht Club and Comet Organization. Several prizes were then awarded (list below) and the crews followed one another on stage to receive the congratulations of a joyous and demonstrative assembly. The highlight was of course the announcement of the winner of the Panerai Transat Classique 2019. We had to see the beautiful smiles of Paolo Zangheri, Claudio Magrini, Ivano Brolli and Renato Tartarini at the time of brandishing the great and beautiful cup of the winner. The crew of Coch y Bondhu, superb ketch of 1936 designed by Rodney Paul and revisited by Laurent Giles, could savour their victory at the end of a race during which they showed a faultless motivation and an exceptional seamanship.

On the initiative of Charles “Buddy” Darby, the cup was filled with win rosé and, carried by the winners, it circulated from table to table so that all sailors could taste an inimitable flavour, delicate balance between solidarity, friendliness and competitiveness. Thus, ends the Panerai Transat Classique 2019, in laughter and embraces… and waiting for the next edition.


Paolo Zangheri, owner and skipper of Coch y Bondhu:

I did not expect to have such complicated weather conditions at first. The first week, the wind was very unstable in strength and direction. We only reached the trade winds in the last week of the race. Halfway through, we had less wind, but a lot of squalls, day and night, with the wind rising to 30 knots, drops to 2 and goes back to 30. It was very difficult to put up the spinnaker in these conditions and life on board was tiring with the boat rolling a lot. From the start, we were racing, ready to manoeuvre whenever necessary. Claudio made no mistake about the tactics and, besides, he is an excellent cook. On the 18th, we broke the boom: the boat moved from one side to the other and the boom hit hard in a wave and broke at the level of the restraint. But Ivano did an incredible job dismounting the hardware, resizing the remaining boom and reassembling it. In 24 hours, we were operational again, even though we sailed with two reefs until the finish. At first, we were doing 3-hours shifts, but with fatigue we changed to 2 hours and we all had the dream of crossing the Atlantic. Not only we did it, but in addition racing on a classic yacht and with victory at the end. It’s fantastic!



(On corrected time)

1st – Coch y Bondhu (Paolo Zangheri), in 16d 20h 51’ 16’’

2nd – Stiren (Alex Pella), in 17d 03h 13’13’’

3rd – Glen Maël (Jean-Philippe Gervais), in 17d 07h 46’ 55’’

4th – Hilaria (Philippe Thurneyssen), in 18d 09h 22’ 24’’

5th – Bryell 2 (Jérôme Cathala), in 18d 10h 21’ 24’’

6th – Xarifa (Diego Masso), in 18d 13h 48’ 19’’

7th – Lys (Roger Quenet), in 19d 00h 35’ 43’’

8th – Eilean (Stefano Valente), in 20d 06h 36’ 13’’

9th – Aramis (Christian Welter), DNF (Did Not Finish)



Christophe Harbour Line Honours Award: Xarifa

Communication Award: Glen Maël

Feminin Award: Assunta, Frédérique, Janette, Natalia, Valentina

Perseverance Award: Oren Nataf

Tenacity Award: Bryell 2



2008 – Stiren (Gildas Rostain)

2012 – White Dolphin (Pascal Stefani)

2015 – Altair (Joe Pykta)